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Future Farming - Lower South West Hub Spring Field Day


Presented by the Lower Blackwood LCDC & Southern Dirt, this promises to be an action & information packed event not to be missed. Featuring great presenters & a fantastic combination of topics, we’ll be focused on local landholders’ sustainable agriculture solutions to future proof their businesses - get ready to be inspired!!

Field Day Details:

Travel: by bus to presentation & demonstration sites. Meet at the LCDC Kudardup Headquaters 403 Kudardup Road, Kudardup (WA) at 9.30am. If you wish to travel to the demonstration sites in your own transport please contact us for location details.

Catering: - a cut lunch will be provided & the event will conclude with nibbles and a glass of wine at Glenarty Road.

Event Ticket Cost: $15/ participant.

For more information please contact Kate Tarrant, LCDC Communications Officer,

T: 9758 4021 | Mob: 0409203056 | E: kate.tarrant@lowerblackwood.com.au

Presenters & Topics:

For more details on our presenters & their topics read on..

Topic 1: Pasture technology and biomass measurement for improving pasture growth productivity.

  Brad Wooldridge, Pasture Productivity Consultant

Brad Wooldridge, Pasture Productivity Consultant

Leading Arthur River & Kalgan sheep producer and consultant, Brad has been involved in experimenting &  using technology to assist his farming process since the early 1980’s. Technologies such as virtual fencing, high-resolution satellites and the capacity to integrate cropping variable rate technology with pastures are all part of Brad’s portfolio of experience.

At our event Brad will give event participants an insight into using some ag technologies with different management techniques, including  measuring pasture bio-mass, to improve pasture productivity.

  Matt Nield, Karridale Wool Grower

Matt Nield, Karridale Wool Grower

Matt Nield runs upwards of 8000 dry sheep equivalents (dse) in Karridale. It is a self replacing merino flock producing wool in a high rainfall zone. Stocking rate of 16.5dse/wgha in a normal year. Growing grass is the cornerstone of the operation to achieve high stocking rates and profitability. 

Matt will share his grass farming strategy to increase his overall carrying capacity, which has proven to increase profit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity.

Topic 2: Drones - What they can do for my business - a presentation & demonstration.

  Ed Riggall, Farm Management Consultant & Director, Ag Pro Management

Ed Riggall, Farm Management Consultant & Director, Ag Pro Management


Ed has a background in mixed farm systems, benchmarking and technology that can make any sort of agriculture easier & efficient. Ed has a special interest in drones and will discuss a commonly asked question: Drones - are they worth the effort? Ed will also outline what a reasonably priced drone can do for your business.

Topic 3: Trial site visit - a paddock walk to see the benefits of using soil testing to make better fertiliser decisions.


This is a fantastic opportunity to see for yourself the impacts of soil testing on fertiliser application decisions. Discuss the results with fellow farmers and Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) officers.

The Regional Estuaries Initiative is a State Government program to restore the function and improve the health of six estuaries in the South West.

Topic 4: Micro-Abattoirs - future opportunities & how to go about it.

  Jeff Pow & Michelle McManus, Co Founders, South Hampton Homestead & Farm

Jeff Pow & Michelle McManus, Co Founders, South Hampton Homestead & Farm

Jeff & Michelle are co-founders of Western Australia's only vertically integrated, beyond organic, pasture-raised chicken and duck operation. His animals are hand-reared on perennial pastures, insects and sunshine.

The birds are harvested and prepared by hand in the custom-built poultry processor – a modern, fully equipped and approved micro-abattoir and butchery room. It is the first facility of its kind in the South West. 

SHF Microabbattoir.jpg

South Hampton Farm were National Landcare Award winners in 2016 for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices, and also took home Landcare’s People Choice Award in the same year.

Jeff & Michelle will share their experience of setting up their microabbattoir and where they see future opportunities for others to do the same.

Topic 5: The Glenarty Road journey, the challenges and rewards of agritourism

  Ben McDonald Farmer, Vigneron & Sasha Foley, Winemaker, Glenarty Road

Ben McDonald Farmer, Vigneron & Sasha Foley, Winemaker, Glenarty Road

Ben & Sasha love the term agricultural, “we see it as a way of thinking laterally and being responsive to what mother nature throws at us.  We take this approach from 'Ground to Glass' and 'Paddock to Produce' ensuring that what you are tasting is a true representation of the site, the season and a bit of hard science”.

Ben & Sasha.jpg

Ben & Sasha will share with you details of their approach and their agritourism journey, the challenges & the rewards on their beautiful Glenarty Road property.

At the end of the presentation we’ll get to sample some of their fabulous food and wine - a perfect end to the day!.

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Improving Soil Health - An Agronomy View

Screen Shot 09-11-18 at 12.03 PM.JPG

Presented by Wayne Challis, Senior Agronomist from HiTech Ag Solutions, this workshop aims to give you an insight into the role of soil biology on soil and plant health - including nutrient status. Wayne will explore ways to manipulate soil biology for better yields, environmental quality, and producer economic viability. 

Farmer John Dunnet, will share his experience of the past decade, the highs and the lows, in working to improve his soil's health and productivity.

Your takeaway from this workshop will be an introductory understanding of:

  • soil biology

  • the relationship between soil biology & plant nutrient supply

  • interpreting soil test results (chemical) in relation to soil biology

  • what soil amendments can promote biological activity

Networking BBQ


At the end of the presentation we'll relax, & throw some snaggers on the barbie. It will be a great chance to keep talking about this key topic, network with Wayne & John, and other local landholders who have experiences to share.

Can't make it to the presentation? Don't worry, you are still very welcome to come along to this part of the event, we'd love to see you there!

  Download the Flyer

Download the Flyer

Event Logistics

Where: Lower Blackwood LCDC Office, 403 Kudardup Road, Kudardup

When: Thursday September 27th

Workshop: 4.00pm to 5.00pm; Networking BBQ: 5.00pm to 6.00pm

Register Now!

Please contact: Kate Tarrant, LBLCDC Communications Officer  

T. 9758 4021 | M. 0409203056 | E. kate.tarrant@lowerblackwood.com.au

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Demonstration Workshop: Planting Techniques for Riparian Revegetation Success
3:00 PM15:00

Demonstration Workshop: Planting Techniques for Riparian Revegetation Success

The Lower Blackwood LCDC is committed to working with landholders in the restoration of our catchment waterways through revegetation plantings of riparian species along creek lines. As part of that commitment we are very pleased to offer you an opportunity to learn from the experts on planting techniques that will ensure plants will not only survive, but thrive.  This opportunity is offered at no cost due to the generous donation of time by planting contractors Landform and by permission to view on site by the landholders where the demonstration is to take place.

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9:30 AM09:30

Workshop & Farm Visit: Feeding the Soil - a Recipe for Regenerative Farming.

 Source: Soil Food Web Institute

Source: Soil Food Web Institute

Why is soil biology so important?  Brent Burns, Director of Landsave Organics,  will be providing us with a fascinating insight into soil life, why it is so important, and how to improve it.

Brent Burns.jpg

Brent has a background of eleven years’ experience in the field of Environmental Management. For the past ten years he has gained extensive knowledge, and experience, in the manufacture of highly humified and microbial diverse Organic Compost, Vermi-Compost and Bio Stimulants.

Over that time Brent has willingly shared his passion & expertise with land managers from a broad range of sectors,and been instrumental in numerous success stories along the way.

What's in the Workshop?

You will learn about:

  Download the Flyer

Download the Flyer

  • The role of soil microbes within the “Soil Food Web”.

  • The Nitrogen & the Carbon Cycle.

  • The importance of cat-ion exchange capacity.

  • The use of Bio Stimulants.

In addition you will have the opportunity to get hands on with:

  • a biological analysis of your soil sample (via a microscope)

  • & a visit to a garlic & potato grower to see regenerative farming in action.

Workshop Logistics:

When: Thursday August 23rd, 9.30am to 2.00pm
Where: Landsave Organics, 295 Kaloorup Road, Vasse.
Getting there: A minibus will leave from behind the Margaret River visitor centre at 8.30am, returning by 3.00pm.
What to bring: A soil sample in a snap lock bag, of the top 100ml of soil, for microscope analysis.
You Won't Go Hungry: Morning tea and lunch will be provided

Register Now - places are limited so don't miss out!

Please note that due to funding restrictions this event is limited to Lower Blackwood Catchment Landholders only.

To register for this event contact Kate Tarrant, Communications Officer at the LBLCDC  Tel. 9758 4021 | Mob. 0409203056 | Email kate.tarrant@lowerblackwood.com.au 

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