Who We Are

The Lower Blackwood Land Conservation District Committee (LCDC) is a statutory committee that has been appointed by the Department of Agriculture and Food's Commissioner of Soil and Land Conservation and was established in 1991. It is a community managed, constituted and independent land care organisation with a membership representative of landholders with an interest in sustainable agriculture, catchment management, the broader environment and river health in the Lower Blackwood catchment. 

Message from the Chair

The Lower Blackwood Region is one that is so incredibly unique and diverse in so many ways.  We have a world-class, forward-thinking, thriving Agriculture industry, a beautiful healthy catchment and a huge range of endemic species of both flora and fauna.  The Lower Blackwood LCDC plays a vital role in not only the protection and conservation of our wonderful region but also in the promotion of sustainable agriculture practices and research to ensure that our Agriculture industry is supported and continues to develop and grow.  We live in such a special region and through our projects and partnerships, we strive to achieve and progress a healthy community, a healthy agriculture industry and a healthy catchment.

Joanna Wren.  Chair - Lower Blackwood Land Conservation District Committee

Our Landcare managers

Jacqui Roberts

Jacqui Roberts joined the Lower Blackwood LCDC in July 2015.  She has worked in Environmental Management for over 10 years and has a real passion and enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture and catchment management.  

Yasaman Mohammadi

Yasaman has been working for the Lower Blackwood LCDC for 5 years developing and implementing a vast array of projects throughout the catchment, contributing to the health and sustainability of the Lower Blackwood Catchment and community.