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Demonstration Workshop: Planting Techniques for Riparian Revegetation Success

The Lower Blackwood LCDC is committed to working with landholders in the restoration of waterways through stock exclusion and planting of native species along creek lines. As part of that commitment we are very pleased to offer you an opportunity to learn from local revegetation experts on site preparation and planting techniques that will ensure riparian (waterways species) plants will not only survive but thrive. 

This opportunity is offered at no cost due to the generous donation of time and expertise by planting contractors Landforms and by permission to view on site by the landholders where the demonstration is to take place.

 What will I get from the workshop?

  • Aspects to consider before starting a revegetation project.
  • A takeaway example of a revegetation plan.
  • A detailed demonstration on riparian planting techniques.
  • A takeaway species list and planting profile as an example of what contractors or the Lower Blackwood LCDC can provide for you to ensure high revegetation success

Workshop Logistics:

The 2 hour workshop has been postponed from the 2nd of August and is tentatively rescheduled for August 30th. The date and the property address will be confirmed prior to the event.

Workshop Application:

In order to ensure that the workshop provides maximum benefit to all participants, numbers will be limited so please get your Expression of Interest in to us quickly to guarantee your place. To register your interest or for more information please contact:

Chiara Danese, Landcare Project Officer

Mobile: 0447 742 000 |Email:

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Demonstration Site


Riparian Planting