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The Benefits & Importance of Biodiversity in Pastures


The Benefits & Importance of Biodiversity in Pastures

Plant diversity is now recognised as a major influence on nutrient cycling in pastures. Having several plant species in a system fills niches, increases the chances of including a productive species, and if a stress occurs, a stress tolerant species can grow.

Our next ‘Talkin’ After Hours explores this critical topic, its importance & how to achieve it. This work shop will give you an insight and understanding of:

  • How biodiversity can affect pasture production

  • How many and which species should ideally make up your pasture mix

  • New species available for use in diversifying pastures

  • Optimal sowing time for different pasture species

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Our Presenter:

Sam Taylor is well qualified to talk to us about pastures, Sam is a skilled agronomist with extensive experience in providing technical advice on crops and pastures, grazing systems, fertiliser management and animal production in a farming system context. Strong empathy with client’s business requirements has seen Sam forge strong client relationships over 12 years of research and commercial agronomy.

agVivo Pty Ltd provides agricultural and natural resource management services to leading agricultural industry associations and over 500 farmers throughout WA.

Networking BBQ

At the end of the presentation we'll relax & throw some snaggers on the barbie. It will be a great chance to keep talking about this key topic, network with Sam & local landholders who have experiences to share.

Can't make it to the presentation? Don't worry, you are still very welcome to come along to this part of the event, we'd love to see you there!


Event Logistics:


Lower Blackwood LCDC Office, 403 Kudardup Road, Kudardup


Thursday March 14th

Workshop: 4.00pm to 5.00pm; Networking BBQ: 5.00pm to 6.00pm

OR CONTACT: Kate Tarrant, Communications Officer

T. 9758 4021 | M. 0409203056 | E.