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  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams
    Agroecologist, Integrated Soils

    Joel is an independent plant and soil health educator providing lectures, workshops and consultation on soil management, plant nutrition and integrated approaches of sustainable food production.

    He as a particular interest in designing farming systems that focus on managing soil biology along with crop & soil nutrition to optimise plant immunity and soil function. Joel has extensive practical experience in Australia, UK and Canada (where he’s currently based) integrating soil and plant analyses as a joined-up strategy for managing production. Joel also has a passion for teaching and sharing both scientific and practical knowledge on agroecological growing practices and has lectured to farming audiences internationally.


Colonial Brewery
29 Osmington Rd, Bramley WA 6285
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08 Mar 2024


8:45 am - 4:00 pm

Managing Pastures with Foliar Nutrition

A One Day Workshop with Joel Williams

While much of our focus is taken up with trying to rectify soil deficiencies with soil amendments, there is increasing awareness that foliar nutrition can be used to reduce those inputs without sacrificing pasture performance, and with the added bonus of substantial benefits to both plant and soil health .

Presented by Joel Williams of Integrated Soils, this one day workshop will explore the why and how of foliar nutrition for grazing enterprises, with a particular focus on nitrogen. Topics covered include:

  • Plant nutrition – roles and functions of essential nutrients for pasture production
  • Plant nutrient uptake and utilisation
  • Supporting plant pest & disease resistance with nutrition and biology
  • Testing plant nutritional status
  • Nitrogen metabolism and protein synthesis
  • Foliar feeding to optimise nutrient use efficiencies

Event Logistics

When? Friday March 8th 8.45am to 4.00pm

Where? The Colonial Brewery, Osmington Rd, Margaret River, WA, Australia 6285

Cost? $110 + GST, morning tea and lunch provided

This event forms part of the Lower Blackwood’s Regenerative Agriculture in Practice Program 2024 which is supported through the Shire of Augusta Margaret River’s Environmental Management Fund. This event is also supported by Soil Wise. Soil Wise is funded by the National Landcare Program Smart Farms Small Grants – an Australian Government initiative. It is supported by Healthy Estuaries WA – a State Government program.

The event is finished.