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Filling the Autumn Feedgap –  2nd Year Results Presentation

This Growers Group project is aimed at beef producers in the Lower South West region, and will demonstrate the potential of autumn grazed fodder crops to provide a lower cost and more productive alternative to supplement feeding with conserved fodder in the high rainfall Lower South West region in WA.

The project focus will be on whether a successful autumn forage crop could allow beef producers in the region to meet weaner target weights and maintain stocking rates during that crucial late summer, early autumn period as well as providing a lower cost feed alternative to fodder conservation.

The four-year project will see a strip trial demonstration site established in the first year where 6-10 different autumn fodder varieties will be seeded to see how they perform, with quality and dry matter being measured and season length, timing and persistence of each variety being observed. Years 2 to 4 will then see potential well-performing varieties selected and rolled out at five different farm sites across the Lower South West Region.

The project will also include a number of field days throughout the four years as well as case studies and a producer project guide to provide an information hub for Lower South West Growers on Autumn Fodder crops.

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This project has been enabled though funding from Meat & Livestock Australia’s Producer Demonstration Sites (PDS) program.

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