What you need to know about Nitrogen

A Webinar recording with Joel Williams

Nitrogen is essential to all living things, it is a critical component of protein without which nothing can grow. It comes in many forms but it takes energy for plants to covert it from its inorganic forms of nitrate to ammonia, into organic forms of amino acids and proteins that plants can use. In addition to this extra energy requirement, inorganic forms of nitrogen are also subject to loss through volatisation and leaching. It follows then, that the forms of nitrogen that we use in agriculture, and how we apply them, can greatly influence the efficiency & profitability of our grazing enterprises. We can also implement management practices to take advantage of the free nitrogen that’s available through microbial nitrogen fixation.

Recorded live in October 2023, agroecologist Joel Williams of Integrated Soils introduced participants to the fundamentals of how nitrogen works in the nutrient cycle and what steps farmers can take to reduce their reliance on inorganic nitrogen through good nitrogen management for more resilient and profitable grazing systems.

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