Profit, Productivity and NPK

Farmers are no strangers to the challenges of generating a profit – particularly in todays ‘climate’ when environmental & economic factors can make the task seem almost impossible. Whilst it’s true that there are some things that are simply outside our scope to control as individuals, there are certainly others that we can – and purchasing, or not purchasing inorganic fertilisers is one of them. But can we do it? Can we risk using less of these inputs without a corresponding decline in productivity? The answer is both yes & no, and requires an understanding of the paradox of NPK use.

In this Webinar, our guest presenter, Dr Christine Jones, discusses the impacts of inorganic NPK on our soils, in particular Nitrogen & Phosphorus, and what actions farmers can undertake to reduce their reliance on these inputs to achieve the productivity (& profitability) outcomes they are looking for.

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