Regenerative Grazing to Increase Soil Health & Profitability – Graeme Hand

This post is a summary of an LCDC workshop presented by holistic grazing trainer & farmer Graeme Hand

Regenerative Grazing Management is a structured way of using animals to regenerate pasture, improve soil health through building organic material and carbon, which in turn supports better nutrient cycling & improved water holding capacity, and in the process leads to improved grazing profitability.

The fundamental principle behind this management technique is to use livestock to improve the long-term health and resilience of pastures. Regenerative grazing has the potential to not only significantly reduce costs for the farmer, but also improve the land’s resilience to increasing climate variability.

Included in this post are:

  • Presentation on Regenerative Grazing to Increase Soil Health & Profitability
  • Developing Safe to Fail Practice Areas & Strips
  • Recovery Based Grazing Planning Worksheet
  • Biological & Landscape Function Worksheet

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