Talkin’ Harnessing Nature to Manage Vineyard Pests

In this podcast episode we talk to South Australian viticulturist, natural systems thinker, scientist & educator, Dr Mary Retallack.   In 2012 Mary undertook a PhD research study which really challenged the conventions of viticulture by harnessing the power of native insectary plants as a key to managing vineyard pests naturally. Her research, and passion for the topic has culminated in an exciting new project that Mary is spearheading, the National EcoVineyards Program funded by Wine Australia & supported by the Wine Grape Council of South Australia.  

Tune in as we take a dive into Mary’s research, the world of native insectaries and why growers are sitting up and listening…  

The video is just a snippet of our conversation – listen to the Full Podcast  

Want more? Check out some of Mary’s articles and research on native insectaries and how to create them here.

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