Targeting Plant Nutrition

The application of nutrients, or fertilisers, that plants require is an important component in primary production operations. For numerous reasons, crops or pastures, may not naturally get all the nutrients they need from in order to perform well. The considered application of fertiliser is often necessary to meet the desired outcomes of enterprise programs.

This article explores how to:

  • efficiently apply what’s needed to meet plant requirements at different stages of the season or in different conditions.
  • reduce the amount of energy plants have to spend accessing, acquiring and assembling nutritional amendments.
  • enhance the uptake and reduce the loss of applied nutrients.
  • avoid decommissioning and/or damaging soil life with fertiliser applications.

This article was produced by ‘Talkin’ After Hours’, the Lower Blackwood Landcare’s Online Community & Information Hub

The article was written & collated by Mark Tupman from Productive Ecology to assist land managers in making making informed decisions around the use of fertilisers for soil and plant nutrition.

The development of this article was funded through Soil Wise. Soil Wise is funded by the National Landcare Program Smart Farms Small Grants – an Australian Government initiative. It is supported by Healthy Estuaries WA – a State Government program.

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